Our Services

Services We Provide


Extensive range of indoor and outdoor clothes line options.


Offering a professional delivery and installation of your clothes line.

Advice / Consulting

A free onsite appraisal is available to help in selecting the best clothes line for your needs.


A cost effective option as an alternative to replacing your clothes line.

General Repairs

Older style clothes lines were built to last and can be restored to there original glory.

Storm Damage

Clothes lines are usually covered by your house insurance and we work regularly with Insurance Companies to achieve a rewarding outcome.

We have Clotheslines for all areas

Below are some of the Clotheslines we supply, install and repair:

Original Hills Hoist

An ideal for line for couples and small families. The Hills elegant designs are equipped with the latest innovative benefits. Hills Rotary Hoists are the latest top-of-the-range solution for natural, fresh air drying. They can be folded and removed from the ground socket when not in use to give you back your garden space.


Indoor Wall Mounted

Perfect for Balconies, Apartments, Indoor Laundries, Bathrooms, Garages, Pools or any other compact area. The Indoor/Outdoor Clothesline has been design specifically to fit into the smallest of spaces and is suitable for 1-2 people.


Outdoor Fence Mounted

Wall mounted folding clotheslines are ideal for saving or utilising space. They are designed to be mounted to walls and also legs kits. The folding frame Clotheslines have a very easy folding action, which allows you to open them up to hang your clothes on and fold down when not being used.